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Saturday 6th July 2013
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June 2008:
This is a powerful film I received this month. Please play it to the end to dispel myths and arguments about a vegan lifestyle. Myths and questions The music is good and it does not show graphic details.

New Piglet photos here

May 2008
The most exciting news here at the moment is the arrival of seven piglets on the 7th of May.

Their mother, Phoebe and her friend Dudley came here in March when we heard that over thirty pigs in Loch Lomond were imminently due to be slaughtered for want of a home. All of them were saved thanks to the Internet, generous donors and, notably, Fiona of Tower Hill Stables Sanctuary, who pulled out all the stops to take all of the last twenty pigs. (See her website for photos of their arrival in Essex), and Helen of South West Animal Protection, who sent out a big appeal and worked tirelessly to raise funds to transport them. Before long it became obvious that Phoeobe was going to present us with more little pigs and we had a lot to learn in a few weeks. Hannah and Steph proved to be excellent midwives and after they spent a few anxious nights in the stable the birth went smoothly in daytime.

Midwives, Steph Middler (left), and Hannah James. The Nursery, Phoebe and Dudley when they arrived and Dudley playing ball.

More piglet photos

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