There are plans to build a Peripheral Route, with a dual carriageway running through our land.

Blaikiewell Animal Sanctuary stands to lose 20 acres and the road would have a devastating effect on the sanctuary and on the environment. There is a strong public feeling that the road is in the wrong place. We have drawn up a petition to the Scottish Government.

We are hoping to get a huge number of signatures from all over the world and your help would be so gratefully appreciated.

Please click here to sign petition and pass it to all your friends.

With thanks, and best wishes,

Mavis Petrie.

To the many good people who have signed so far.
Please accept my sincere thanks.

Most of you I have never met but I will never forget any of you. I am overwhelmed by your support and it is a constant source of strength at this trying time.

Every good wish to you from all at Blaikiewell.

17th October 2012