SANTOS 1972 ~ 2004

Santos died of heart failure on the 12th March 2004. He had been well until two weeks before when he seemed to have short spells of confusion. On his last day he collapsed three times within two hours and, with our vet in attendance, we thought it was kinder to let him go peacefully.

Santos was a palomino gelding about 5.2 hands. He came along with with his friend Danny in 1987 when he was about 15 years old. He and Danny continued to be the best of friends until Danny died, almost exactly two years earlier, in March 2002. One of our sponsors said she was sure that Danny was waiting on the other side of the bridge for him and they are reunited and rolling around in fresh grass without all the burdens of their old bodies holding them back.. It would be lovely to think that was true.
Long before he came here Santos had an accident, which left him with a cloudy eye. It didn't bother him until a few years before he died when it became very painful and had to be surgically removed. He made a good recovery and continued to be a favourite of all who ever rode him and he also gathered a fan club on the internet.
Like all of those we have to part with, he has passed out of the school gates and into our memory forever.

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