Maggie with her sponsor, Joanne.

Maggie is a little Shetland Pony about 32 inches high with a big personality. She came to Blaikiewell when her owner got fed up of her and her Highland Pony companion after his daughter left home. Having known her from living in our neighbourhood we could not turn her away to an uncertain fate elsewhere. She was only two then but has since been handled carefully and trained to be safely ridden by children at Redwing and she is a great favourite with all.
Joanne asked her mum if she could sponsor a Blaikiewell pony, and when she came to visit with her mother, sister and grandmother, she chose Maggie from all of the horses in the fields. Joanne is learning to ride at Redwing and she and Maggie make a good partnership.

Maggie's song is Joanne's choice and can be saved at our Midi Site

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