Kenneth died on the 7th January 2003 after a short illness.  With his big personallity, he was a vital part of our establishment and he will be greatly missed.

Kenneth was a grey Highland Pony.  He was born in 1979 and along with his mother, Mandy, came to Redwing Riding School in 1985.  He and his mother were never apart until Mandy died in 1996.  They were both great characters and will be long remembered by all who learned to ride at Redwing.

Kenneth had a very happy nature and loved people, but he always had an independent streak and a good sense of humour.  He could sum up riders before they had opened his door and he made sure that none of them ever became too cocky about their riding ability.  He could put it to the test in the nicest possible way.  Some years before he died, he developed growths on his neck and shoulder which, although not painful, restricted his free movement and he was retired.  Kenneth enjoyed his retirment ~ he was never all that keen on work anyway.  He used to watch the riding horses pass his field with a smug look on his face.

The tune that is playing is one to which Kenneth did a Dressage to Music test the year before he retired.  He came second in a small class. He had not been well prepared for it and his rider could have been more sensitive, but he looked wonderful and I watched him with a big lump in my throat.
The tune is Dark Lochnagar, but it will always be Kenneth's Song to me. You can hear it on our midi page.

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