Folly died on March 1st 2007. She had been well up until that morning, when her heart rate and temperature shot up dramaticaly. The vet was called at once but she did not respond to treatment. By evening she was so weak we got the vet back to help her die peacefully.

Folly was a Shetland pony, thirty inches high and born in 1973.   She narrowly escaped as a three year old when she and her foal were bought at a horse market by a friend, who outbid the meat men.  She later went to Redwing Riding School and many people will remember her as the first pony they rode.  She had visits and carrots from a number of people, in their twenties and thirties, who had ridden her as small children.
In her retirement she became passionately devoted to Stroller, who is twice her size,and the two of them could always be seen together in their field, in the shelters or wandering around the tracks. They came in for daily feeds together and if Stroller needed to be stabled for any reason, Folly had to be stabled along with him. Stroller will miss her but not so much as she would have missed him if he had died before her. She was part of all our lives, having been here since 1982. She was a clever little pony with a big personality. Her tune is from her native Shetand Islands, 'Shetland Fiddler'

Folly in 1999

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