Danny died on the 18th of March 2002.  He will be missed by his friends, horsey and human.   Horses are all special but some are extra special ~ Danny was one of those.

Danny was a bay gelding, 15.2 hands high.  He came to Redwing Riding School along with his friend Santos when their owners were no longer able to keep them and wanted them to stay together forever.  They were both about 14 years old then and were very good riding horses.  Like Santos, Danny was very popular with the pupils and with his gentle nature and likeable personality he taught many complete beginners and restored confidence to others, while he could be a lively and exciting ride for the more experienced.    We think he was about thirty-two when he died.   Redwing had gradually eased off his work until four years before, when he was retired completely.  He and Santos were still the best of friends although they both made other horsey friends too.  His tune is called, 'Twa Braw Lads'  which translated means, 'Two Wonderful Boys' .  That sums up how Danny and Santos are regarded by all who have known and loved them. 

Danny and Santos ~ Summer 2000 and Danny with Spanker in the background ~ 1999

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