Cookie died suddenly on the 11th of March 2002.   He had enjoyed his retirement, getting lots of treats and special atention.  He lived at Blaikiewell for fifteen years.

Cookie was a bay pony about 12 hands high and born around 1970, perhaps before.  I bought him to save him from being ridden by a lady who was far too heavy for him. We don't know a lot about his history but he had been around a few riding schools before that.  He was a grumpy little pony for a start and would take a bite of anyone while having his tack put on or being mounted up.  Convinced that this stemmed from being roughly treated in the past, everyone was especially careful to be nice to him - no matter what he did, everyone was gentle with Cookie.  Eventually he began to trust people again and after some time he was always gentle in return.  He retired in 1995.   In his early days here, some of the children used to sing a song to the tune of, 'Messing About on the River'. They made up their own words about the horses (and about me when they thought I couldn't hear) and every verse ended, 'And always be gentle with Cookie'. Those children, adults now, will all be sad to hear of his death.

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