Cara 2014

Cara came to Blaikiewell when she was bought by my siser, Heather, to save her and her daughter, Buttercup, from being slaughtered after she has been a family pet by a hobby farmer who rented grazing to my sister's horses in Cara's field. She was six and Buttercup was two. They came here in 1997 and were a joy to have around with their amusing antics and lovable characters. When Buttercup died two years earlier, Cara took up permanent residence near the riding school where she was sure to get loads of attenion and carrots from the children and all who got to know her.

She died aged twenty-three when her legs gave way and she was unable to get up. She was noticed at once and the vet was called to help her go peacefully.

She will be greatly missed by everyone at Redwing and Blaikiewell.

She was twenty-three and Buttercup was seventeen. They had a happy life here and it is heart wrenching to know that most cows are killed before they are three without ever knowing a kind word or a friendly hand in their short lives of misery.

Cara and Butttercup 1997.

Cara in her fly mask, which she loved. .

Animals in my life

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