Brewster 1983 ~ 2017
The death of Brewster earlier this month has been a big loss to all who knew him.. He has been here thirty years. He was the first pony for dozens of young riders right up until his retirement a few years ago. Since then he has had the freedom of the premises along with his friend, April, and they both appeared at the yard for breakfast and supper every day.

He came from the local market when I found him standing alone in a small pen with people around him saying he would go for meat. He was very easy to train and always a very kind little pony, although he did like to search in pockets given half a chance.

He had never been ill in his life but his hind legs suddenly collapsed one morning while he was waiting for his breakfast and efforts to get him up were too distressing for him. Our vet agreed that it was time to let him go, but not before he had enjoyed two big buckets of food and endless treats and mints lying comfortably on a big pile of hay. Looking relaxed and happy, and still eating he didn't see the needle and died very quickly and peacefully.

Brewster 2004

Brewster 2011

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