Shannon at eighteen years old

On the 6th February 2015 Shannon was unable to get up and our vet helped him to go peacefully. He was fine when I left him in his stable at 9.30 the night before but his legs has grown too weak and he gave up trying. He was thirty-six and had been a great favourite in the riding school for many years and then in his retirement at Blaikiewell. He was Tosca's best friend and he had been missing her since she died three weeks earlier. Rocky will miss him, along with all who knew him.

Shannon was a grey Connemara Pony, just under 14 hands high and born in 1979.  He had been retired for many years, but he was a great favourite with young children just starting to ride.  He was completely unflappable and went happily into a trailer, along with his best friend, Stroller, to go to children's parties to raise funds for the Sanctuary.  He walked quietly with little chilren on his back, regardless of bouncy castles, quad bikes, bungi runs and other noisy attractions which would send many horses into a panic.

He spent his retirement grazing and coming in for feeds with his friends Rocky and Tosca. He was very attentive to Tosca, who was blind, never moving very far away from where she was grazing or sleeping.

  From his native land, his is an Irish tune.  You can save it on ourMidi Site

Shannon 1984

Shannon Summer 2014.

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