Kitty is a bay Welsh pony cross, born in 1987 and 13 hands high.  Along with Brewster she was bought at a horse market as a six-month-old foal, terrified, barely weaned and almost certain to have gone for meat.  She still  has a very nervous temperament and this could well stem from her ordeal at that time.   She has since been schooled and ridden, but because of her nervousness she needs a quiet, confident rider.  Given this, she can be a tallented little pony and experienced riders think she is wonderful.  It is difficult for her to earn her keep though, because it is too stressful for her to be used as a school pony and the right rider to lease her has not turned up yet.  She would be happiest with one rider who understood her and could give her confidence.  Perhaps we will find one for her, although her small size makes it more difficult to find her a permanent partner.  Of course she will always remain here whatever.  You can save her tune at our Midi Site

Kitty found a friend when Steph Middler came to ride at Redwing and fell in love with her. Steph leased Kitty until she grew too big for her. Kitty is now calm and back doing light work in the school where she has many devoted admirers.

Kitty's Steph

Kitty and Steph 2004


SARAH OLDMAN, aged seven, 'sponsored' Kitty at Christmas 2000
~ She said she wanted to adopt them all ~
Sarah is still riding at Redwing Riding School and also helps with jobs around the stables.


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