Clyde is a Clydesdale horse , 17 hands high and born around 1990.  He was used at a trecking centre and in 1996 he was leased for the winter to one of  Redwing's livery clients.  He arrived quite ill and very thin and when it came time to put him back, the Sanctuary managed to buy him.  He has been on lease to raise funds for the Sanctuary and with one of his riders he won a Dressage to Music test at the Redwing Show.   In keeping with his breed, Clyde has a very gentle nature.  This breed has been invaluable in the past as working horses, pulling the cart in the towns and the plough on the farms for centuries.  His song 'Flower of Scotland' suits him well.  You can save it on our  Midi Page

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Aileen Brown
Sponsored Clyde on the 30th October 2001

Aileen lives in Fife in Scotland, UK
and has also sponsored
Goblin and Pilot

From Clyde, Goblin and Blaikiewell

Aileen was bridesmaid at the wedding of her sister, Moira, and Alan Marson
and chose the sponsorship as her gift from the bride and groom

Moira and Alan on their wedding day
Photograph copyright Doug Thompson

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