CHESTNUT 1982 - 5th September 2016

Chestnut was a skewbald (brown and white) Shetland Pony, born is 1982.   She was about 30 inches high but made up for her small stature with her big personality.  Like many small ponies she has a tendency to a painful condition known as Laminitis, which made her hooves very sore, and her diet had to be carefully monitored to reduce the risk of an attack.   Her feet also required special attention from the farrier every month.   Given all that, she was a happy little pony who enjoyed attention as long as she was not asked to do any work.  This was not just laziness. It may have stemmed from a time she was asked to work with sore feet.  She will have remembered the pain.  Who could blame her for wanting to take it easy?   She decided she was retired many years ago and we were not going to argue with her!

In her final months her legs started to weaken but she continued to bravely bouce back and run to her field to join her special friend, Rocky, until yesterday when her legs would not support her at all and we got our vets to help her go peacefully.

Her tune is 'Scotland the Brave' and you can save it at our
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Chestnut's Sponsor 2002
      Chestnut has been generously sponsored by     

The Compassionate Action Institute

Founded in New York by Alice O'Neil
to promote Humane Education

From Chestnut and Blaikiewell

Sponsored Chestnut

 By making a donation towards her food and care 
June 2nd 2003

From Chestnut and Blaikiewell

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