Buttons was a Shetland Pony, about 36 inches high. He came with his friend Viking but he was much better able to fend for himself and was never afraid of people nor of anything at all really (except cameras ~ it was really hard to get a good photograph of Buttons). In fact, he thought he was a stallion and he was so sure of himself that he took it upon himself to guard all the mares in the field, regardless of size. At one time he was nick-named 'the rampant guineapig' because he used to herd the mares away from the gate when the owners went to get them. In spite of this he was a very friendly little pony everyone who got to know him loved him.

Buttons died on the 2nd August 2016. It was a sad shock to us all. He was so full of life and mischief that I thought he would live forever. According to the age he was given when he came, he would have been thirty-two but I feel he was quite a lot older, although he never lost his spirit and only a few eeks before he gave Rodger a hard time by repeatedly standing in front of his digger and refusing to move, a trick he often played on me when I was working in his field with the tractor. He loved the tractor. One of his tricks was to stand in front of it until I got off to move him and then he would climb up on the foot rest and move the loader up and down.

Buttons was a kind little pony with children and many readers will remember him as the pony who taught them to ride. In his later years he had the run of the yard and offered his companionship to older horses who needed extra care and attention. Along with Shannon, he had stuck close by Tosca in her blindness, he befriended Murphy who was grieving for Buckskin and latterly struck up a friendship with lonely Dingo, and he never forgot to greet Viking who had been his frightened companion before they both came here in 1987.

He is still greatly missed.

His tune, 'Cock of the North', the regimental march of the fearless Gordon Highlanders, sums him up beautifully.  You can save it on ourMidi Site

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Button's Sponsor
1st Maryculter Rainbows visited Blaikiewell and generously sponsored Buttons
in September 2015

Buttons was generously sponsored by
   Kirsty-Ann of Aberdeen in March 2008

   Kirsty-Ann with Buttons looking warily at the camera  

THANK YOU Kirsty-Ann
From Buttons and Blaikiewell

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